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Redspot is building an infrastructure of delivery hotspots throughout densely populated urban areas. Each hotspot will be deployed with our internet-connected, temperature-controlled food locker, conveniently located in office buildings, residential buildings and retail spaces.

By integrating with Redspot Network, restaurants can instantly multiply their reach without investing in new storefront locations.


Benefit of our service

Customer Loyalty

Redspot can integrate with restaurants existing online platforms. It helps boost brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Quality Assurance

Redspot understands that food quality is crucial for restaurant brand reputations and customer satisfaction. Our temperature-controlled food locker is capable of maintaining the temperature at up to 140° F; it offers flexible pick-up for the customers without sacrificing quality.

Economical Delivery

Since the delivery destination is a pre-determined and stationary, Redspot is able to group up orders on an hourly basis. It allows restaurants to deliver meals in bulk to save labor cost, and offer customers as low as FREE delivery!

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